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2022 Government Investigations Technology Guide

Learn the 9 key factors
for modernizing law enforcement investigations

Featuring insights from:

Joseph Courtesis photo
Joseph Courtesis
Former Commanding Officer of the NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center

Criminals are becoming more digital, using tech-savvy schemes and running their communications, finances, and operations online. The key to closing cases now lies in using openly available digital evidence for law enforcement investigators.

But the challenge is sifting through oceans of open data to find the insights needed for a specific investigation. To be effective, agencies must supplement traditional methods with advanced investigation solutions that enable analysts to easily search massive amounts of data, uncover hidden relationships and generate leads.

But how do agencies determine which capabilities are most important for success? And identify which solutions fit best for their agency?

Learn from Joe Courtesis, former Commanding Officer of the NYPD Real Time Crime Center, as well as former federal investigations practitioners; the nine key factors agencies should use to assess investigation technologies. In this guide, Courtesis and other experts outline the most important capabilities for law enforcement agencies in modernizing their teams for success in the digital world.

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